How We Work



Our team of experienced professional engineers and EITs use cutting edge technology to scrutinize every tender document.

This attention to detail ensures:

  • Complete and accurate quotes
  • Clearly laid out scope of work
  • No future surprises
Estimating - computers


Our experienced engineering team creates high quality shop drawings with clear illustrations detailing every aspect of our design.

Boilers Shop Drawings


We create professional custom graphics for BAS applications allowing building operators to view system status at a glance and easily make required adjustments.

Programming Boilers


At Empire Controls we are proud to employ a dedicated team of licensed electricians and skilled apprentices to bring our systems to life.

Employing our own installers allows us to:

  • Maintain a higher degree of quality
  • Adhere to tight timelines and scheduling
  • Quickly deal with warranty matter
Installation Team

Custom Panels

Empire Controls provides a wide range of custom panels and controls  for applications such as:

Approach to New Construction

Empire Controls is highly active in the new construction market, with typically dozens of projects in progress at any given time. A large percentage of our customer base is educational, seniors facilities, condominiums and water treatment plants

Empire Controls is known in the construction industry for:

Approach to After Market Service and Improving Building Performance

After market service is a large part of our controls business. We service, and provide ongoing enhancements for a large installed base of DDC Building Automation Systems, including Walker systems of and Johnson systems of various vintages.

At any one time, we have experienced controls technicians on duty to provide repair services for bona fide emergencies. Our service rates at any time are approximately 60% of what the international conglomerates charge.

Empire Controls has also successfully retrofitted scores of fully occupied multi-residential, educational, commercial and institutional buildings, ranging from public housing and hospitals to five star hotels. While the range of issues varies, the commonality is that we are a guest in someone’s facility for the duration of the project.

Customer satisfaction can be achieved only if there is a recognition of the importance of noise and dust control, interruption of services, hours of work, security. The project plan must provide for careful management of these issues, and good advance communication with the tenants. Construction must happen on schedule and without “surprises” due to poor planning, failure to negotiate service interruptions, lack of advance notice and poor cleanup.

Opportunities for cost effective energy and cost savings in include lighting, fuel conversions, domestic water conservation, scheduling domestic hot water, heat recovery, demand limiting, heating medium scheduling, temperature setback and other control strategies. However, the characteristic high domestic hot water consumption favours water conservation, and strategies as scheduling temperatures.

Empire Controls has also successfully used hot water storage to shave demand, or take advantage of off peak power rates. Control systems and other retrofits, combined with electronic security systems may be correctly applied to reduce operating costs other than energy. These retrofit strategies imply the application of a wide range of mechanical and electrical devices including boilers, water conservation devices, heat exchange and ventilation devices, direct digital controls. However, Empire Controls has also designed and implemented systems such as card access, keyless entry, fire alarm notification, burglar alarms, power metering of individual suites, and other multi-residential exotica.

In our work, we manage a broad range of security issues, including:

Empire Controls would like to leave you with the following thoughts.

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